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3 June 2006

And no blow-in subscription cards

Exact Editions is a British startup that seeks to preserve what's good about the magazine experience in a Web context. For instance:

It turns out that if you treat them right, magazines work fine on the web pretty much exactly the way they are. This means that we can read a magazine as a sequence of web pages, or we can browse it rapidly by viewing a section of 16 pages in a browse mode, individual web pages can be bookmarked or referenced, and we can print out a page if it particularly interests us or we want to take a recipe into the kitchen. These are natural uses for magazines and magazine articles and the web simply extends our familiarity with the magazine format.

And no, it's not a PDF; each page is an image file, but the words are indexed in a database somewhere behind the scenes and can be searched, and embedded links and such are live.

Exact Editions started in Britain with four titles this spring; they're now up to 15. Can American editions be far behind?

(Courtesy of Richard Charkin.)

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