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4 June 2006

Weekend in New Mexico

For now, it's imaging as "Barry 99": KXPZ-FM in Las Cruces, New Mexico is playing all Barry Manilow, all the time.

I assume that this is a stunt to attract attention, and that the real format, whatever it may be, will show up later this week.

On the other hand, it's hard not to buy this simulated scenario from Nick Gillespie:

Las Cruces is less than 50 miles from the border with Mexico. This is part of a psy-ops designed to circumvent concerns over building a physical fence between down there and up here: Instead build a series of Manilow-only stations across the Southwest, creating a sonic barrier every bit as punishing as the feds bombarding the Branch Davidians with repeated playings of "Achy-Breaky Heart" (where's the ACLU when you really need them?). Here's hoping that the all-Manilow station doesn't end in a fiery conflagration and the murder of children. But if it does, will it really surprise anyone?

Then again, somehow I doubt the Feds are ready to take a chance again.

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe they used the same concept at the Mall of America. Too many teens causing too much trouble. Solution? Pipe Barry Manilow music throughout the mall. They saw a big decrease in teen "antics."

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 6:47 PM on 4 June 2006