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6 June 2006

Upgrade update

So far, so good. I've tweaked the spam settings and the WhiteList, and most of the regulars who have reported in are getting through without tripping the moderation alarm. So far, no actual trash comments have appeared; six TrackBacks of dubious origin showed up in the Junk box, three at a time, but never made it to the site. I pronounce this upgrade a success, and to further push my luck, I've deleted the four hundred or so IP addresses I had on my ban list, which may speed up the site a few milliseconds here and there. (Actually, since at least half of the items on that list were not individual IPs, but ranges of IPs, I may have had millions of addresses banned, which of course means nothing in the context of spam.)

MT 3.3 beta is out; I don't think I want to be a guinea pig just now.

One minor functionality change: under 2.64, if you provided an email address but not a URL in your comment header, the comment would appear with the email address linked to the commenter's name. Under this implementation of 3.2, while you still need to provide an email address to get through the WhiteLister, it's no longer linked anywhere; the commenter name, if there's no URL, is provided as bare text only. Next time there's a site rebuild (something I resist greatly), this should apply to all entries, old and new.

Update, 10 pm: The WhiteLister is apparently no longer working. See this.

Posted at 7:30 AM to Blogorrhea

Are you running the live version or the rebuilding version?

(Sorry, I'm not hip to the MT lingo)

Posted by: Dan at 10:29 AM on 6 June 2006

All these pages are static still.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:48 AM on 6 June 2006