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6 June 2006

Down in the tubes

The City is asking for bids for the renovation of the pedestrian tunnels beneath downtown, and has issued bonds to cover the expense.

The estimated cost, says City Manager Jim Couch, is $1,627,179. [Link requires Adobe Reader.] The renovation will include new carpet, wall paint, lighting, portals, panels, signage, sound system, and upgrades of the electrical and HVAC systems. Also planned: sixteen above-ground kiosks.

Bids will be opened on the 27th of June. DowntownOKC's Dave Lopez is predicting completion by February 2007.

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Llink requires Adobe Reader.

As far as I know, it's available to the Welsh.

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The old eyeballs ain't what they used to be. (Dammit.)

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Okay, it's fixed. Are you happy now?

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