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8 June 2006

Scariest news of the week

What, the Democrats couldn't find an opponent for Sally Kern? Sheesh.

Meanwhile, Vince Orza snarks in the Gazette:

Political logic disproves the theory of "intelligent design." If [Ernest] Istook had any sense, he'd run for re-election instead of governor, [Mary] Fallin would remain lieutenant governor, and they'd save all of us a lot of grief.

I think it proves merely that some designs are more intelligent than others. And I derive no grief whatever from the knowledge that I can go to the polls this fall and vote, as I always do, for Anyone But Istook, and be assured that this time, Anyone But Istook will actually win.

Oh, and is anyone besides me hoping that Mary Fallin smacks down Mick Cornett in the GOP primary? Geez, Mickey, you're so fine you blow my mind, but dammit, you're getting too big for your britches too fast.

Posted at 6:02 AM to Soonerland

Even Windows is intelligently designed. If the end-user is an idiot, how is that the designer's fault?

Other than that the same designer designed the end-user, that is...

Posted by: McGehee at 11:44 AM on 8 June 2006

I concur on the Fallin/Cornett race. He needs to stay mayor for at least a year after he is elected. How tacky.

Posted by: Dan at 4:49 PM on 8 June 2006