The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 June 2006

Some of that Weston swing

Oh, man, this would have been so great. Bill Crow tells DevraDoWrite:

Iím sorry Paul Weston, a great joker, passed on before he had a chance to do anything with an idea I gave him: having Jonathan and Darlene [Edwards] do an album of minor tunes made more upbeat by changing all the chords and melodies to major. "Moanin'," "Saint Louis Blues," "Alone Together," "Comes Love," and "Gloomy Sunday" all sound much more cheerful when played and sung this way.

And I did not know this at all:

Years ago, when Johnny Mercer first started Capitol Records, Paul did some country and western records for the label featuring a guy he called "Shug Fisher," who stuttered while he sang, adding extra beats of guitar strumming during the stuttered sections of the lyrics, and putting the meter deliriously out of whack.


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