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9 June 2006

A screen as big as all outdoors

Well, okay, not that big, but:

Inflatable home theater screen and your own projector let you create a "drive-in" experience right in your own backyard. Big, weatherproof 8-ft. screen inflates in just 4 minutes with the powered air pump. Connect the two weatherized outdoor amplified speakers with full range sound and you're ready to watch a movie or the big game with your family or friends. Screen secures to the ground for steady viewing. Theater deflates for easy storage. Screen is durable, weatherproof PVC. Two nylon rope screen tie-downs keep it stable. Amplified speakers are weatherized for outdoor use. Theater works with most projectors (not included). 8-ft. l x 7-ft. h.

I see one possible downside. If you think looking for a missing remote in the living room is a pain, imagine the joy of trying to find one in the grass late at night.

(Via Belhoste.)

Posted at 10:50 AM to Entirely Too Cool

If I had one of those...I'd charge admission.
But the popcorn would be WAY better.

Posted by: aka_monty at 7:44 PM on 9 June 2006

I can live without popcorn, but I must have my Raisinets.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:45 AM on 10 June 2006