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10 June 2006

A treat for the Census

I sorta hope this catches on:

At the call center ... I am required to ask the following question of a number of candidates who are applying for any of a number of jobs with any of a number of potential employer. Response is voluntary and does not affect the outcome of the application:

Which of the following racial categories best describes you?

  1. Non-Hispanic White
  2. Non-Hispanic Black
  3. Hispanic
  4. Asian or Pacific Islander
  5. American Indian
  6. Prefer not to answer

One respondent considered for several seconds and then: "I don't know, I'm from Arkansas."

My favorite response to "Race?" is "Mile relay."

Posted at 9:28 AM to Almost Yogurt

After a. and b. I would expect the d., e., and f., to read:

d. Non-Hispanic Asian or Pacific Islander

e. Non-Hispanic American Indian

f. Non-Hispanic Prefererence not to answer

Posted by: lemuel kolkava at 12:49 PM on 10 June 2006

You left out Non-Hispanic Hispanic.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:42 AM on 11 June 2006