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11 June 2006

Well, blow me down

Sometimes the suits eventually get it right.

Hearst's King Features Syndicate and Warner Home Video have finally come to terms, and 231 classic Popeye cartoons originally distributed to theaters by Paramount will be available on DVD.

The package also includes some made-for-TV cartoons, but what you care about here are the originals, produced from 1933 to 1942 by the Fleischer Studios and from then until 1957 (using some of the same animators) by Paramount's own Famous Studios.

A few of these shorts — notably, three two-reelers done by Fleischer in Technicolor — have drifted into the public domain and onto video releases of varying quality, but the vast majority of them have been locked away for ages.

Here's hoping that Warners' restoration job packs a punch, and that the first DVDs, due out next year, are strong to the, um, finich.

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