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13 June 2006

"Spane" and "Frantz" were okay, though

There's a World Cup going on, and if you're watching anywhere, you can't help but see the Adidas logo: this is their turf, and has been for years.

Nike wants a piece of that action, and I can't say as I blame them, but this isn't going to help them:

Generally if you're going to make, market, and sell gear for a country it's important that words on the gear are spelled correctly. Especially if the misspelled word is the NAME OF THE COUNTRY. My friend (who speaks Russian) noticed this at the Nike Town in NYC this weekend. Russia, though spelled correctly in the tag, is spelled Ruusia on the clothes.

Expect a corporate decree from Nike to the effect that all sweatshops will in future be equipped with dictionaries.

(Found at Deadspin.)

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