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15 June 2006

The kids in the overhaul

Donna makes a decision she characterizes as "impetuous":

I spent $100.00 to have hosted by a new company for the next two years. Instead of an Indian family from Jersey, I am now using surfer dudes in California. Their grasp of English is slightly better. So why the move? I preach to my clients that it is important to have the latest technology yet I was using one of the oldest versions of Movable Type. The version I was using gave me no control over comments or trackbacks and so I was pretty much at the mercy of spammers and trolls.

Which, of course, is a quite-reasonable justification for upgrading MT. (I bit the bullet myself a couple weeks ago, jumping from 2.64 to 3.2.) And while playing Mr. Moderator is not among my favorite things, I can't deny its efficiency: spammage has dropped something like 90 percent from its heights (depths?) in mid-May, and the number of items that got on the site that shouldn't have is hovering right at zero. I suppose I could install TypePad functionality to cut out some of my work, but really, there hasn't been that much of it, and complaints from the field have been conspicuous by their absence. Besides, keeping Schmuckdom Assembled from battering their way into the scripts around here helps to keep the surfer dudes in California who host this site happy.

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I LOVE the title for this post! It took me a little while to get it-- but once it clicked I can't stop smiling!

So far I think I made the right decision, I already feel better knowing that I am not going to have to deal with evil trolls or spambots!

Posted by: Donna at 10:59 AM on 16 June 2006