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15 June 2006

There's a thrill upon the hill

Specifically, at Jaime's Grill on the Hill, between Hudson and Harvey on Commerce Street, an old-school diner adapted to an uptown storefront, home of the 40-calorie coconut cake. (That's just to look at it, mind you. Eating it is a whole 'nother matter entirely.)

Dr. Jan has been trying to lure me to this place for lunch for months now, a situation complicated by the fact that Jaime closes on Saturdays and work doesn't generally permit during the rest of the week — and, of course, by my legendary fear of fast-talking blondes in the Ed Biz. Today the pieces fell into place for once: I got to meet some of her henchpersons, polished off a Classic American Burger, and even sampled some of that coconut cake. And I was amused to see one of my theories reenacted in Real Life: if you have a Suthun accent, you can only suppress it for so long.

There are few things in life quite as rewarding as good food and good friends. Lucky is he who gets to combine them both.

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Well, I finally got to meet my blog hero; and Chaz is just as funny and charming in person as he is on dustbury. And Surlywood was a most elegant manor. It was a great lunch and a fine meeting!

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 3:55 PM on 15 June 2006

Now that's hospitaliano.

Posted by: k at 5:23 PM on 15 June 2006