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16 June 2006

Treelet update

More than just a twigBack on the 5th, I took a shot of a sweetgum tree in the making, rising Flagstaff-like (it's hardly big enough for Phoenix yet) from the pile of sawdust that remained of its felled predecessor. I am ordinarily fairly stingy with the water around here — trying to support two elm trees costs just about as much as cooling off a volcano — but I gave this little sub-sapling about three quarts' worth over the last ten days for the purpose of experimentation, and by George (not Washington, he's a cherry-tree kind of guy), it's showing some serious growth: it's now a foot tall. (Ridiculously large — 350k — photo is behind the thumbnail.) I have to wonder, of course, given its position at the Surlywood Wind Vortex, if it will survive the thunderstorms promised for the next 24 to 36 hours, but most of the plants around here are simply too mean to die, or something; I've done my damnedest to kill off a few of the shrubs around the periphery, yet they keep on shrubbing, or whatever it is they do, and at some point I'll probably shrug and give in. Nature, they say, bats last. (And if you've ever seen her bat cleanup, you'd be happy to have her ninth in the order.)

Posted at 5:44 PM to Surlywood

I can forgive your sweetgum-loving attitude because you live on a relatively arid prairie.

Here in humid Georgia, such weeds grow like that without help -- but fortunately are quite mow-able even at that height.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:30 AM on 17 June 2006