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17 June 2006

Ride the mild surf

The Zeitgeist and I grow ever farther apart; I actually had to go look up what "wakeboarding" is.

That said, we're getting some of it next month: it's the First Annual (okay, a trifle presumptuous, but let's be optimistic here) Oklahoma River Wakeboard Series, starting 7 July on The River Formerly Known as the North Canadian.

For some reason, "New York's a Lonely Town" comes to mind:

My folks moved to New York from California
I should have listened when my buddy said "I warn ya" (warn ya)
"There'll be no surfin' there and no one even cares"
(My woody's outside) covered with snow
(Nowhere to go now)
New York's a lonely town
When you're the only surfer boy around

And now there's quasi-semi-surfing in Oklahoma. If this upsurge of kewlitude persists, it's going to be that much harder to pull off "But there's nothing to do!"

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Funny, I often have trouble staying awake when I'm bored...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:17 PM on 17 June 2006