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18 June 2006

Basically, it's a wash

The Sunday paper came with a packet of what looked like fruit juice but turned out to be laundry detergent, a new series from Gain called "Joyful Expressions." This variant was called "Apple Mango Tango", and when I slit the side of the envelope and poured it into the washer, I got the distinct impression that I was upending a jar of applesauce on top of my shirts.

If applesauce came in a shiny green tint, that is.

Now I am normally not particularly finicky about detergent — my rule has generally been to buy whatever product is priced the lowest that doesn't look like it was packaged in Burma — but I have to admit, this is way more fragrance than one gets in, say, Surf Mountain Breeze. (Surf, incidentally, seems to have been subsumed by All of late.) Still, as artificial scents go, this is a good one, and Procter & Gamble might do well to hire out its trompe le nez staff to food processors.

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Now, if you'd told me in casual conversation that you'd recently used a product called Apple Mango Tango, I'd have sneaked a look at your fingernails to see if you'd started polishing them.

Posted by: Mary Stella at 10:01 AM on 19 June 2006