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19 June 2006

Watching the meter

Jay's been checking the numbers:

I want to host a domain for my nephew, and I was comparing space available under elhide versus AV. Elhide has this odd problem where it thinks it is out of disk space. I upload large zip files of pictures, 50 mb or so each, four at a time. Debís father downloads them. I delete them. Rinse, repeat. Last time I deleted them, they didnít release the space, but they are gone. So that account is technically fine, if I have HM support do whatever they have to do to make the disk space counter tally properly, but I also have other stuff going on there that maybe makes me not want to host an extra domain.

So I checked AV and itís so-so on disk space, but instead of almost no bandwidth, weíre already at 60% for this month, which puts us on target to almost exactly use the whole deal. But Ö I see that in may we used 27.6 GB out of our 23 GB available! See, thereís a great thing about Hosting Matters. Another hosting company might have been all over us, looking to collect the extra charge.

The sad thing is that the next plan up includes 28 GB, which would have just covered that. We may have to switch.

We tip our hat to HM, who are generally considered to be among the goodest of the Good Guys.

I run two blogs off this account and park a third domain here: so far this month (my months begin on the 29th) I have managed to burn through 6 GB, which should work out to right at 9 GB for the month. Current disk usage is 210 MB.

What I'm allowed before they crank up the cash register: 51520 MB (50.3 GB) of disk: 1618 GB (1.58 TB) of bandwidth.

Site Meter reports 5970 visitors a week (853 per day) at this domain; I do not run Site Meter at the other blog.

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1618 GB? Holy cow! Who is this host?

Posted by: Jay at 8:06 AM on 19 June 2006

I've been at DreamHost since the end of 2001.

Here's a screenshot of my current bandwidth allotment, taken last night.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:20 AM on 19 June 2006