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21 June 2006

The best years have come and gone

This observation from Alan Sullivan took me by surprise:

Four years ago there was much excitement over weblogs. Now the fever has broken, the bubble has deflated — pick your metaphor. Blogs are familiar, routine, even (horrors!) dull. A few blogs have become new media outlets with large, growing audiences. The rest have stagnated, according to various articles and commentators.

I never had this problem; this place has been stagnant for a lot more than a measly four years.

Not that anyone is going away, necessarily:

A decade or two from now, the Y2K period will be recalled as the golden era of blogging, as the Sixties were a golden era of rock. LGF and Kos will still be seething, like the Stones on perpetual tour. Kids will be imitating the classics, forming garage blogs, and occasionally hitting the big time themselves. But their work will be comfortable and derivative, though they will pretend otherwise.

Which, of course, invites the question: If LGF and Kos are the Stones, where do the rest of us fit into the jukebox? I have no problem with Kottke as Dylan, Glenn Reynolds as Neil Diamond, and Power Line as Grand Funk, but I really don't see a slot for myself in the grand scheme, inasmuch as it would require both incredible longevity and minor notoriety at best. Perhaps the archetype here is the late John Fred Gourrier, who started making records in the Fifties, got one humongous hit, and then dropped below the national radar for the rest of his life.

But then I'd have to have one humongous hit, wouldn't I?

Posted at 5:35 AM to Blogorrhea

Which, of course, invites the question: If LGF and Kos are the Stones, where do the rest of us fit into the jukebox?

I figure I'm the guy who shows up sometimes for "open mike" night and gets polite applause right between the prop comic and the pre-teen girl who can break every window in the place singing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:30 AM on 21 June 2006

At the risk of making you blush, Charles, I'd wager that you could be compared to King Francis Albert The First, aka The Voice, aka The Chairman of The Board, aka Frank Sinatra.

Like Frank, your longevity in blog-years is testament to your staying power and tenacity. Like Frank, you're a craftsman with your instrument (keyboard). Like Frank, it is wise to never underestimate you. Like Frank, get the point.

Posted by: david at 8:56 PM on 22 June 2006