The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 June 2006

How about those 'Hawks?

I'm almost afraid to bring this up, lest I jinx the team at the beginning of a homestand, but geez, the RedHawks have practically redeemed themselves.

After going 11-22 under the suspended, then sacked, Tim Ireland, the Beaked Wonders under Mike Boulanger have gone on a 24-13 tear. Yeah, they're still in last place, but they're back up to .500 now, and they trail the first-place Round Rock Express by a mere 7½ games, the narrowest first-to-last gap in the PCL.

So the next nine games may be even more important than they look: five against the New Orleans Zephyrs, who have a one-game edge over the 'Hawks, and then four against the aforementioned Express. The Zephyrs have lost their last four; unfortunately, the Express have won their last seven.

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