The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 June 2006

The narrowest possible broadband

Reason's Nick Gillespie asks:

Isn't there every reason to believe that cable companies and telecoms would similarly use whatever revenues they generate via tiered services to develop the next big thing in terms of networked communications? And isn't there also reason to believe that some of the cable companies and telecoms might not go the tiered-service route, just as some political commentary magazines — including this one — offer free online access to their material?

In a word, no. Innovations from the telephone company? We're years, maybe decades, behind the rest of the world already in this realm, and suddenly Verizon — or, even more preposterous, AT&T — will bring us into the New Tomorrow? It is to laugh.

"Trust us" is barely plausible as a slogan for a bank; for a former government-approved monopoly whose fondest desire is to regain that status, it's somewhere between laughable and ludicrous. If the Bell System were still around, you'd still be paying $3 a month to rent a frigging Princess phone.

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