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26 June 2006

Strange search-engine queries (21)

This shtick is now old enough to drink. Sheesh.

fake hamburgers:  Deserve real mayonnaise.

where have all the liberals gone?  Deep depression, every one. (When will they ever learn?)

clothes disappearing raygun:  This could be as big as Click.

rival of jesus, netgeo:  I don't think NetGeo has been around long enough.

nudist "wearing any clothes"  Well, yeah, if she wants to keep her day job.

John Shartel Avenue, named for:  I'll just bet it's John Shartel.

what to expect with a bikini wax:  The word OWWW! comes immediately to mind.

when do mercury cougars need a new transmission:  Offhand, I'd say when they won't move.

bacon not stirred:  Like we need martinis with cholesterol.

"smart men" lonely single:  Not necessarily in that order.

backyard nude swimming statistics:  Number of swimsuits: 0.

brown bunny mp3 Vincent Gallo:  Well, you certainly wouldn't want to look at him.

cvs bizarro sex:  Must have been over in the photo department.

postfeminist l'oreal:  Because we're all worth it.

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fake hamburgers: Deserve real mayonnaise.

Preach it!

Posted by: McGehee at 9:54 AM on 26 June 2006