The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 June 2006

This I can appreciate

I know this reaction:

Iíve had the new car for two days. Do I like it? Yes!

I miss the Little Girl (the Escort ZX2) because she was so good and reliable for so long, but the ragtop really is stealing my heart. Good weather is part of that, I am sure, butÖ

I think Iím going to like my Sammy (Samantha the Sebring). Now I just need to find a reasonable (ha-ha) blonde for the passenger seat. Ah, well.

Six days and a little over 200 miles with Gwendolyn so far. I wouldn't call her a two-fisted drinker, exactly: maybe 1.3, 1.4 fists. Of course, this could just be due to some quirk in Japanese fuel-gauge mechanisms that causes them to plummet during the first half of their range and then slow down a bit as the bottom approaches. And if this seems to run counter to the laws of physics, well, why do we buy these things in the first place, if not to circumvent our limitations as we know them?

Oh, and "reasonable blondes" do exist, though the chance of seeing one sitting next to me is essentially nil.

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