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26 June 2006

A brief history of the Renaissance

The "most massive quality of life package ever devised in this nation."

That's a tall claim, but Oklahoma City's MAPS delivered on its promises and then some. Here's an interesting perspective on MAPS from someone who worked to get the package passed by voters. This quote jumped out at me:

Nine projects totaling $329 million dollars and ... not related to directly recruiting a major employer.

Which may have been the genius of MAPS: we're going to do all these things, and none of them will be dependent on whether enough corporate money gets lined up.

Then there's this:

Promoter boasts of private investment of $140 million were wildly off the mark; they have topped $500 million.

I can only hope that the successor to MAPS, the $700 million upgrade to area public schools, will be similarly successful.

(Suggested by Matt Deatherage.)

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