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27 June 2006

Sidereal Vicious

While looking into the machinations of the Astrology-Based Community (you know who you are), Eric Scheie discovered that all of Ann Coulter's major planets are in Sagittarius, which presumably explains a great deal, especially since they're all square with Pluto.

Inasmuch as my own Sun is in Sag and square with Pluto — well, here are some excerpts from an actual chart run on me:

This aspect can reveal itself with some level of frustration due [to] a resistance to environmental change and a need to rehash or destroy personal creative work.

As regular readers know, I generally opt for "rehash," which is a lot easier when hash is what you start with.

Any involvement with power often results [in] forcing your will on others, sometimes in a vehement and dominant manner. This is contrasted by an inner emotional desire to reveal your affection to others. This push-pull action often results in others rejecting you, particularly those of the opposite sex.

Um, maybe we'd better leave it at that.

For those curious: Sun in Sagittarius; Moon in Leo; Mercury and Venus in Scorpio; Mars in Libra; Infiniti in garage.

Posted at 7:38 AM to Almost Yogurt

Kudos for the appalling pun. You're my kind of writer.

Posted by: gail at 8:49 AM on 27 June 2006