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28 June 2006

Does this mean something?

Normally, my auto-insurance company sends me two copies of the required-by-law Security Verification Form: one to be kept in the vehicle, and one to be turned in when purchasing a plate.

I'm still under the same policy, though on a different (and pricier) car; it of course costs more to insure, and I bumped up my liability limits threefold while I was at it. For some reason, they sent me four copies of the form.

Posted at 7:04 AM to General Disinterest

Offhand, I would say the third copy is for your State Game Warden and the fourth is for the World Wildlife Fund.

Posted by: Muttering In Manitoba at 1:04 PM on 28 June 2006

Now that's downright cruel. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:25 PM on 28 June 2006

Sorry, Charles, I just couldn't help myself... :)

Posted by: Muttering In Manitoba at 4:31 PM on 28 June 2006