The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 June 2006

Non-lateral movement

In last week's Vent I set about to describe the thought processes that led up to Gwendolyn's arrival in my garage, and I think I did a creditable job of it, but there was one question I failed to anticipate, and I'm taking it on now: "Did you ever consider going down a class or two, back a year or two, or otherwise finding yourself something that could have been completely paid for by the insurance settlement?"

The answer is no, and the reason is this: I didn't want to be reminded, every time I got into the darn thing, of what I'd lost. Had I found another suitable 626, I would have wanted at least the Premium package, and maybe even the V6; going sideways and one level (or so) up might have cost me even more, but it keeps me out of yearn mode.

Perhaps I should thank Dr. Jan for planting the Lexus notion in my head to begin with; absurd as it sounded, it became more defensible the more I thought about it.

Posted at 6:07 PM to Driver's Seat

I just got back from my Tennessee sojourn and was catching up on ya... I searched for a picture of Gwendolyn... she sounds like a dream. smooches!

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 9:44 PM on 4 July 2006