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29 June 2006

Throne a fit

It's stuff like this that makes for a Grrl Genius:

[O]ur number one tip for sharing a bathroom is this: Don't.

A survey was done by some homebuilding association that showed that relationship happiness within a dwelling increased with the number of bathrooms available. Interestingly, there was no cutoff: even above a one person/one bathroom ratio, the people just got happier and happier.

Even if it means renting a porta-potty and sticking it on the patio, you will be happier.

I get that it's not always practical, but whenever possible, try to accumulate as many bathrooms as possible.

I have always suspected that the woman who used to own this house let it go because (1) she had a boyfriend and (2) there's but one bathroom, and a small one at that.

Posted at 5:56 AM to Table for One

Better still, in the master bathroom, two separate -- and separately ventilated -- throne rooms.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:45 AM on 29 June 2006

There are two of us in this house, and 2 and a half bathrooms. I never use his, except when we have company, and he never uses mine. Does this make me happy? You bet.

Posted by: Miriam at 10:01 PM on 29 June 2006

Ah! This explains why boot camp is a particularly unhappy place.

Posted by: Mike at 10:36 PM on 1 July 2006