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30 June 2006

Quote of the week

An open letter from Heather in New York to a woman in Houston:

Your friends on myspace are really touched by your latest post, Azure and Coincidence. They should be touched. That post came right from the heart. My heart. In 2003. You didn't even change the title of the post. Ballsy. Anyway, one of your friends was so touched he ratted you out. That guy has class. You should keep him around, spend more time with him and maybe pick up a few things. Like, a moral compass.

This is properly credited. I think.

Posted at 10:19 AM to QOTW a woman in Houston

Among others, apparently.

It would be one thing to post something like that and say, "I got this in an e-mail and wanted to share it even though I don't know where it came from." But claiming it as one's own is simply unacceptable.

Somebody lifted a post of mine not too long ago and posted it, I think without attribution but also without a link back. He'd left a comment on the post, though so readers on my site would find his if they were so inclined. I left a comment on his blog chiding him for not linking back, and then changed the link on his comment at YKY so it went to my comment on his blog instead of to his front page.

After reading Heather's post, I don't plan to be as lenient in the future.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:45 PM on 30 June 2006