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10 July 2006

She approves this message

See what you think of this:

My Left Wing does not now, nor will it ever, accept paid advertising by individual politicians, be they campaigning or sitting. Any ads you see for such individuals is advertising freely offered by me, Maryscott O'Connor, as the proprietor of this blog, as a campaign donation.

In case it needs further clarification: I do not ever, EVER want to be in the position of having accepted advertising revenue from a candidate whom I might later be in the position to criticise — because I may not have the fortitude to follow through with the criticism, if the politician in question is a source of INCOME for me.

I am NOT saying that other blogs should follow suit; it is an individual decision, more easily made because it's not a sacrifice for me at this point in time. By issuing this policy in public now, before I ever have the choice, should it EVER arise, I hope to have crystallised it in writing so there really IS no choice. I simply cannot trust myself to accept money from people whom I might later want to criticise, but whose financial contributions to me may proscribe, however informally, doing so, lest I lose that financial support.

So I hereby remove the dilemma completely. I reserve the right to criticise or praise any political candidate on the basis of my opinion and any facts at my disposal, absent any influence or appearance of influence by financial gain or loss on my part.

(Emphasis as in the original.)

I am generally a firm believer in biting the hand that feeds me, but at first glance this strikes me as an admirable attempt to avoid the possibility of conflict of interest. (Which, of course, makes me wonder if I'm missing something somewhere, cynic that I am.)

I won't be doing likewise myself, but this is because I sell no ad space anyway, political or otherwise, and therefore the issue really doesn't exist for me. (If, however, at some time I begin taking ads, I will have to give this serious consideration.) Will others follow Ms O'Connor's lead?

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I have to hand it to Maryscott. I first heard of her from some news story about BDS, but either she's on the road to recovery or she was never as far gone as the article portrayed her.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:09 PM on 10 July 2006

omg.. I would just tinkle myself if some politician wanted to pay me to place an ad on my site. In fact, I would specifically write into the "conditions" that I be allowed to rag him or her into the dirt after I take his or her money.

oh.. and no refunds.

Posted by: meeciteewurkor at 3:56 PM on 10 July 2006