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10 July 2006

Fundraiser in the buff rebuffed

The ban on "commercial or recreational activities" at Kansas' Lake Edun nudist facility apparently includes political fundraising: the state Libertarian Party was blocked from holding a three-day gathering at Lake Edun last weekend and had to move elsewhere on short notice.

The event was billed as Return to Edun, Return to Liberty, and this was part of the party's pitch:

The unregulated use of private property is one of the least divisive issues among Libertarians; and since the convoluted 2005 Kelo decision by the Supreme Court, Libertarians have been solidly on the forefront of the movement to protect the rights of property owners to use, retain, and dispose of their land as they wsh, as long as they do not harm others.

For nearly a decade, the government of Shawnee County has attempted to restrict the activities of peaceful citizens on the private property southwest of Topeka known as Lake Edun. In doing so, they apply a standard of commercial activity not enforced anywhere else in the county.

Under the court order, Lake Edun must get a permit for any proscribed activities, but the county has so far refused to issue any permits, perhaps hoping that the couple who owns the property — ownership of the resort is vested in a foundation — will give up and move away. They haven't.

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