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14 July 2006

Deputy Dan, though, has no friends

It's called Dodgeball, and Melina explains:

[It] helps lazy urban people find their friends on a Saturday night by pinging them with text messages on their cell phones whenever they are within 10 blocks of each other. It's actually sort of brilliant.

Beats walking around with a Geiger counter, I suppose. And there's this:

Dodgeball is all about bringing people together ... we'll tell your friends where you are, we'll let you know if friends-of-friends are nearby, but what about that cute girl or guy that you have nothing in common with? How are we going to hook you up?

Simple ... crush lists. Whenever you check-in, we'll check to see if any of your crushes are nearby. If so, we'll send a message to your phone letting you know that someone on your crush list (we won't tell you who!) is somewhere within 10 blocks (we won't tell you where!).

At the same time we'll ping them with a message letting your crush know where you are ... and if they have a camera phone, we'll send your picture along too. Who knows — if they think you're cute, maybe your crush will stop by.

I hasten to point out that (1) this service is not yet available in Oklahoma City and (2) the likelihood of my being on someone's crush list is somewhere between infinitesimal and nonexistent. That said, though, I'm impressed with the methodology.

And with this:

Oh yeah, 5 crushes per person please. This isn't a brothel.

Although I have no doubt that the technology could be adapted for exactly that, which would cast a new light on the old term "call girl."

Posted at 6:20 AM to Table for One

I can't help put picture that Crush List thing coming straight out of Chapter Nine in the book "Stalking For Dummies".

Posted by: Jennifer at 12:56 PM on 14 July 2006

Never mind, you're on my crush list.

Posted by: Miriam at 9:30 PM on 14 July 2006

Orange Crush, I presume.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:52 PM on 14 July 2006

I could actually use that "dodgeball" thing ... to avoid people.

Posted by: McGehee at 3:32 PM on 16 July 2006