The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 July 2006

Gwendolyn's birth certificate

I have now found Gwendolyn's Monroney sticker, which explains rather a lot, actually.

I had previously determined (via Alldata) that there was a midyear update to the 2000 I30, in which side air bags (mounted in the front seats) were made standard; based on the VIN, I assumed that this car was late enough to include this update, and the sticker confirms. The base price remained unchanged from early-year advertising: $29,465 plus $525 destination charge = $29,990.

Options: splash guards ($109), heated seats and heated outside mirrors ($420). The total was therefore $30,519. However, this does not include the rear spoiler and the gold pinstriping, which presumably were installed by the dealer — whoever that was. (The sticker indicates one dealership, the [original] title another, which is no big deal; my previous car was originally shipped to the Dallas 'burbs before it was actually purchased from an Oklahoma dealer.)

Oh, and there was a note from a fellow at Quality Assurance at Oppama, explaining that they'd put seven miles on the car for testing purposes.

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Alldata also points out (elsewhere) that the seats with the airbags inside contain an external tag to that effect, which I should have seen. Sheesh. Can I get a "Duh"?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:47 PM on 15 July 2006