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17 July 2006

Crazy from the heat

After a while, it addles the brain:

My son-in-law and my daughter live in the Central Valley. He doesn't believe in God, or air conditioning. Their houses are often 110 degrees in the daytime. Their answer to my vociferous complaints (not about God, but the heat) goes like this: "We don't need air conditioning. It's always cool at night." Great! I sweat until I'm as wet as a swamp critter, then at night the sweat dries and I get hypothermia.

He inherited this air-conditioning denial syndrome from his father, who told me, "We don't have air-conditioning. You don't need it." The father lives in Solvang, where the sidewalks melt in summer. If anyone in the world ever needed AC, it is the inhabitants of Solvang.

So the younger couple are building a house, an expensive one, on a very expensive piece of land. The driveway alone will cost more than my entire net worth. No air conditioning. Why? "We won't need it."

There are, of course, things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of a home — just ask Bob Waldrop. And, in defense of Dad, the Santa Ynez valley, heated up during the day, loses much of that heat at night: highs near 100 and lows in the 50s are common this time of year. Still, were I sinking seven figures into a home, you better believe it would have some means of cooling itself off besides waiting twelve hours.

Posted at 9:24 AM to Dyssynergy

To each his own but damnnnnnn ... This really goes beyond money doesn't it?

Posted by: Ron at 1:10 PM on 17 July 2006

There's no accounting for some forms of idiocy, I guess.

It was 114 degrees (indoors!) when I left work this afternoon and it is 102 outside now. There's no way in hell (I'm already close enough) that I'm going to do without AC at home.

Posted by: unimpressed at 4:01 PM on 17 July 2006

Maybe they have thyroid problems. It's not normal for human beings to not mind that kind of heat. They sound like my father, who took all the a/c out of our house in Miami, Florida, because -- yep, you guessed it: "We don't need it." He swore the "sea breeze" was sufficiently cool. Never mind that ranks of condo highrises and hotels on Miami Beach had cut the "sea breeze" off from the mainland, where we lived, for years.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 5:49 PM on 20 July 2006