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20 July 2006

Little things mean a lot

Not even the rainbow is safe anymore:

The rainbow-colored steps on the 500 block of Castro Street have long been a magnet for tourists. Countless visitors to the city's gay neighborhood have sat down on them to snap a visual remembrance of their San Francisco trip. Locals are also drawn to them, using them as a backdrop for pictures that later end up in online profiles or slipped into cards sent home to family and friends.

In fact, they're sufficiently iconic that even breeders like myself have heard of them.

So naturally they've got to go:

But the wide steps that lead up to the building's two storefronts and entrances to two apartments will soon be altered to make way for new doorways to the shops that are handicap accessible.

"The code requires the Patio Cafe building and the adjoining building [the buildings are merged] to be ADA compliant and it is necessary to remove most of the stairs at the street level," [says owner Les Natali].

But a reduced rainbow will eventually return:

"Some stairs to the upper level will remain, and they will be painted in the rainbow colors."

Assuming, of course, that said colors aren't some day ruled to be discriminatory against persons with color blindness.

(Via Bill Quick's San Francisco Real Estate Blog.)

Posted at 12:17 PM to Dyssynergy

I remember when the rainbow meant that God wasn't going to destroy the Earth with water ever again. Nowadays, some folks see it as a sign that He is preparing Plan B.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 3:25 PM on 20 July 2006