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20 July 2006

Must be a pants shortage or something

First, there was the Broken Arrow nimrod who worked on his car in the front yard wearing nothing but a thin coating of greasy sweat (and/or sweaty grease).

Now here's a pantsless dork shopping at the Shawnee Mall Sears.

As a person who avoids clothing as much as circumstances and the weather permit, I must decry this sort of stupidity, if only because it puts me in a bad light. (Actually, any light in which you can see me is a bad light, but let that pass.) It's not "striking a blow for body freedom" or anything high-flown like that; it's simply making oneself look ridiculous.

A word to the wise: if anyone really wanted to see your genitalia, you'd have an actual date.

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I don't understand anyone's desire to be nude OUTSIDE, but it seems perfectly natural in one's own well-screened backyard, or places designated for such activities. (I will opt out, thank you)

But imposing oneself on the unknowing public is exhibitionism, which is a manifestation of mental illness.

Posted by: Dan at 1:08 PM on 21 July 2006

I once defended the practice in one's garden, though I did have to admit that there were disadvantages. (Actual post here; it was picked up by the promoters of World Naked Gardening Day, which this year is on the 9th of September. The latter link might be considered NSFW.)

Posted by: CGHill at 12:16 PM on 22 July 2006