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20 July 2006

Paging Claudette Rains

If you're a female, the Taliban would just as soon you kept yourself out of sight:

Women's faces are being painted out of billboards across the city of Peshawar in northern Pakistan after local government officials threatened to take action against advertisers.

The depiction of uncovered women is considered un-Islamic by the Taliban, whose influence is growing in the North West Frontier province.

Similar edicts were issued and posters defaced in 2003. "These multinational companies want to promote obscenity, lewdness and vulgarity," said a furious religious leader, Shehzada Babar.

And what could possibly be more obscene than a woman enjoying a biscuit with her tea?

These people need a healthy dose of Britney Spears in her birthday suit.

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First Post reports that the city of Peshawar is sucking up to the Taleban by forcing advertisers to paint over women's faces on billboards featuring such lewd activities as eating digestives and sipping tea. Nice town, Peshawar. Via Dustbury...[read more]

And what could possibly be more obscene than a woman enjoying a biscuit with her tea?

Of course the key word is "enjoying." Who was it that offered the definition of a "puritan" as someone living in dread that somebody, somewhere, might be having fun?

Posted by: McGehee at 7:00 AM on 21 July 2006

I'm with you. We need to drop thousands of copies of Harper's Bazaar on them. It would be cheaper than bombs.

Posted by: Lynn S at 10:28 AM on 21 July 2006

Let's get Vogue instead: greater throw weight. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:02 AM on 21 July 2006

Taliban and all patriarchal misogynists (female phobics and gender haters) are hatefully anti-woman, without any regard for their "dignity" or "personal value".

Britney is not what they want to look at. They want to fondle phallic rifles. Get what I'm saying? Overstating the obvious.

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 7:31 PM on 22 July 2006