The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 July 2006

If only these lots were emptier

In my usual perfunctory scan of the real-estate ads, I spotted what seemed to be an awfully high price on a house at 1701 Windsor Place, near the southern edge of Nichols Hills — very few 1440-square-foot homes are worth $1.3 million — but then I got down to the fine print:

Price includes 6415 and 6417 North Penn and 1900 Huntington. Architects plans for luxury condos available for serious buyers.

Near 1701 Windsor PlaceSo they're going to tear down these four houses and replace them with condos. Okay, fine. Why sell the entire set of four parcels as a unit? (And is this price for after the condos are built?'s estimated prices for all four, combined, come to only about $620,000.)

I drive past this block about three or four times a month; maybe I'm going to have to start watching this story unfold.

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