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24 July 2006

Sort of noticed

The dating site OkCupid is probably better known for its battery of tests than for its success at getting couples together. Back in the spring of '04, I took one of said tests; for the sheer hell of it, I filled out a perfunctory profile, and then mostly forgot about it. Last summer, I said something to this effect:

I have never placed a personal ad. (Okay, I filled in a profile at OkCupid, but this was so I could get a look at some of their funkier personality tests.) The major reason, surpassing even "What if I got a response?" (which is scary enough), is "What in the world would I say?"

I am compelled to note that someone actually read said profile today and presumably did not run screaming into the woods. From her own words, I suspect she's looking for whatever equivalent of a drinking buddy exists among people who don't actually drink. I was sufficiently surprised by this event to rewrite the profile extensively; whether it's now more appealing — or less so — will become apparent in the years to come. (And I figure, if it takes 27 months to get one response, "years" is the minimum time frame involved.)

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Good God, man. You left out the best part.

Did you respond???

Posted by: Jennifer at 7:31 PM on 24 July 2006

Did you think I wouldn't? I even answer the three percent of my email that isn't spam.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:40 PM on 24 July 2006