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24 July 2006

Adventures in iTunes (4)

I think it's safe to say that I haven't gone totally berserk in the iTunes Music Store; total number of tracks purchased is now a modest thirteen. (If you're curious, the most recent was a spoken-word thing by Henry Rollins.)

Which means that by and large, iTunes is serving mostly as my conduit for podcasts, six of which are on my subscription list. One is a quickie, about 50 seconds every day; three come out weekly and run half an hour or thereabouts; two are on irregular schedules. I really don't know if I can accommodate too many more of these, since it's now up to about two hours a week, longer than I spend watching TV. Then again, I never envisioned this much time in blogdom either.

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By contrast, I just bought not one, not two, but three Paris Hilton songs on iTunes tonight. Remixes, yet.

I leave it to others to judge which of us is making more culturally effective use of iTunes.

Incidentally, some blogging notable (I want to say Dave Winer, but I can't find any reference on his blogs) recently postulated that Apple seems to be positioning iTunes as a super RSS/podcasting aggregator. Your usage of it might become mainstream.

Posted by: CT at 10:58 PM on 27 July 2006