The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 July 2006

Gauging the turnout

I was in no mood to bestir myself at seven this morning to run to the polls, but I did manage to make it by ten, by which time 168 ballots were already in the Big Black Tub. Traffic at the precinct was light but consistent. This being a primary, there's not a lot for the Independents to do — a district judge, maybe — so the person behind the table managing the Republican voters also worked the Independent book. (Did they flip a coin for this, or is this supposed to be a reflection of the actual electorate, which has a small Democratic plurality, in this precinct?)

The News Guys are saying 30 percent or so of registered voters will turn out for this election; I'm guessing it might be a hair higher. I'm not about to project any winners, though.

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