The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 July 2006

The reflex

OkCupid (last mentioned here) has a profile-area menu function called Woo, which splits the difference between an IM (not so intrusive) and a private message (not so restrained). Amusingly, if you have your own profile on screen, the menu item for this changes to CAN'T WOO YOURSELF, which unsurprisingly gave me the idea that this premise has potential as a "Get lost" kind of response: "Oh, go woo yourself!" Of course, both grammatical and anatomical precedents exist.

(Note to those who are wondering why I am suddenly paying attention to this sort of thing: it was either this or MySpace.)

Addendum, 2 August: OkCupid user Altara complains: "As a narcissist I feel like I'm being discriminated against."

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