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25 July 2006

Another reason to buy American

The Singapore-based carrier Cougar Ace, bound for North America, is taking on water 200 miles south of the Aleutians and is listing about eighty degrees, standing slightly less upright than Foster Brooks.

The crew, says Jalopnik, has been picked up by air and flown to safety, but the 4800 motor vehicles on board will likely be plunged into the sea, never to be seen again, unless SpongeBob SquarePants either gets his driver's license or becomes a seller on eBay Motors, in which case watch for sudden deals on Mazdas.

Posted at 2:36 PM to Driver's Seat

I looked at the KIRO-TV pictures and it's amazing how high the ship is (was?) sitting in the water. Did anyone actually see those 4800 cars being loaded? :o)

Posted by: Muttering In Manitoba at 4:23 PM on 25 July 2006