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26 July 2006

Grout expectations

Is anyone truly prepared for this?

My kitchen contractor called me at 8 am today to talk about grout. I can count the number of times I've thought about grout colors on two fingers. Three if you include that I'm telling you about it now. John's a very tactful, laid back guy, so our conversations usually go like this:

J: "I'm going to grout the kitchen floor today. Have you given any thought to the grout color."

That clues me in to the fact that I probably should have considered the matter prior to this morning.

Without looking, I can tell you that the Betty Crocker Frosting White tile in Surlywood's kitchen is surrounded by a nice charcoal grey; the red stuff in the bathroom was set up with a neutral color that ultimately didn't remain so.

And (let us pray) I'm not going to do any floor replacements anytime soon.

Posted at 8:33 AM to Dyssynergy

I hate grout. I had a new bathroom put in, grout and all,and three years later I wanted another one. The contractor, who had done the first one, told me bathroom A needed to be re-grouted. What the f**k is grout about, anyway? All it does is dissolve.

Grout is a curse.

Posted by: Miriam at 10:54 AM on 26 July 2006