The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

27 July 2006

Making a total of fifty-five

The breakdown follows:

TEN pairs of socks in regular rotation.

NINE years' worth of email archives.

EIGHT steak knives.

SEVEN CDs by Debbie Deborah Gibson.

SIX trees and/or shrubs in the front yard.

FIVE ice trays, should the icemaker in the fridge fail.

FOUR windows in the garage door.

THREE grandchildren.

TWO children.

ONE life to live.

ZERO girlfriends.

(Swiped from Eric "Fire Ant" Siegmund.)

Posted at 9:38 PM to Screaming Memes

3 grandchildren, 2 children and no wife or girlfriend??!!! The blog takes up a LOT of time, I guess.

Posted by: anne at 7:49 AM on 29 July 2006

Not as much as you'd think. Besides, I suspect that I've posted enough about myself to scare off any potential companions by now.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:18 AM on 29 July 2006