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29 July 2006

And that was the end of that

Dustbury, Oklahoma — 808.2 miles

Okay, not much by World Tour standards, even if you add in the 114-plus miles before The Incident, but it's still a pretty fair drive, and today the skies were fair and some of the scenery was pretty. I took US 71 south from Kansas City, and much of it is being rebuilt to accommodate the bazillion-percent traffic increase that tends to accompany flight to the burbs. In fact, the Missouri Department of Transportation appears to be in full-tilt construction mode. I found this posted at a rest area, and some of it is a tad incomprehensible:

MoDOT poster

I think — I hope — they don't have the proofreaders out there operating heavy machinery.

Kansas City now has a Jack FM — KCJK, 105.1 — and it's definitely a different mix from the one vended under Jack's name here; the Oklahoma City station would never, ever play "Funkytown."

Speaking of radio, I sampled "The Sound," KTSO 94.1 in Tulsa, and you know, I think I might have believed the "family-friendly" claim made for their mostly-Seventies playlist had they not thrown in both Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night," a song about defloration, and Stephen Stills' "Love the One You're With," a song about opportunistic infidelity. (No, I will not bash "Imagine" here, even though they played that too.)

For no particularly good reason, I took a side turn in Davenport to get the feel of their infamous Brick Broadway, from 6th Street down to the railroad tracks. The brickworks ceased operation some time in the 1920s, and I detected the presence of some non-brick material filling up an occasional hole. Still, it's a whole lotta bricks, and 20 mph is about all you can stand on it, especially with the dips at each intersection. Gwendolyn actually complained about one of them, and it's not like her to kvetch. They're promoting this with signs along old 66; I still think the biggest attraction in town is Dan's Bar-B-Q.

There was a letter in The Kansas City Star yesterday wanting to know how come the spread between grades of gasoline, a dime for so long, had suddenly surged to 15 cents. That I don't know, but it was still a dime the last time I filled up, in Bristow. (Still 27 mpg.)

Toll report: Will Rogers Turnpike (state line to Vinita), $1.50; Turner Turnpike (Tulsa to Bristow), $1.00; total $2.50; grand total $11.25.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled tedium.

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Welcome back!

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 5:12 PM on 29 July 2006

Hi Charles,

Glad you made it home without incident and hopefully Gwendolyn will get a premium car wash for her efforts.

Posted by: Muttering In Manitoba at 5:20 PM on 29 July 2006

Our "Jack" plays "Funkytown". You have to listen for two weeks non-stop to hear it :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:57 AM on 30 July 2006

There was a letter in The Kansas City Star yesterday wanting to know how come the spread between grades of gasoline, a dime for so long, had suddenly surged to 15 cents.

My guess would be that it's because the prices themselves are more than 50% higher.

When the QuikTrip opened in Newnan, their spread was eight cents while everyone else's was ten. That didn't last. Still, hereabouts the difference between regular and plus is normally still ten cents but some stations, QT among them, have bounced premium up considerably higher.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:07 AM on 30 July 2006

I've seen a few cases where regular to plus was a ten-cent jump, but then fifteen more to premium.

The QT I went to in Independence had 15-cent spreads: 2.839/2.989/3.139.

Next day in Bristow, Oklahoma, at a Shell: 2.849/2.949/3.049. Still a dime.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:36 AM on 30 July 2006