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29 July 2006

Quote of the week

Don McLean is tired of talking about "American Pie," but he doesn't mind if you make fun of it:

It's supposed to be vague. That's part of the poetry I was attempting. To go in and specify what the song is would dumb it down.

I don't pay any attention to interpretations of the song. It's supposed to be in flux all the time, so any particular interpretation is pointless as far as I can see. What interests me is some of the parodies like The Wall Street Journal's "The Day the NASDAQ Died." They've been pretty good.

(In Discoveries magazine, August '06. I'm reasonably certain McLean would not endorse this.)

Posted at 6:19 PM to QOTW

I have always hated that song because of the line about drinking whiskey and rye. Were they also driving cars and sedans?

Posted by: triticale at 7:37 PM on 30 July 2006