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30 July 2006

Oklahoma political advertising 101

An overview by Lynn:

I can't say for certain if Oklahoma politicians are actually nastier than politicians anywhere else but it certainly seems like it — nastier and more childish. The worst insult of all is "Liberal!" Politicians around here assault each other's character in every imaginable way but when they want to bring out the big gun it's always, "[My opponent] is a liberal," with the word "Liberal" spoken in the most distasteful tone possible, as if the word itself were almost too vile to say out loud. They're like kids on the playground shouting insults at each other. It doesn't even matter whether the insult makes sense or not, just that it is as vile as possible.

One of the things that has kept me in the Democratic fold all these years, despite a personal turn to the right — or is it that the Democratic organization has veered to the left? — is the persistent Republican "more conservative than thou" posturing: if that's all they have to say, they don't really have much to say, do they?

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Well, it takes more than mere namecalling to make "liberal" a bad word -- the liberals had to have agreed with the definition or it wouldn't have worked.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:11 AM on 30 July 2006

Making fun of liberals is SO 90's. Surely there are more creative ways to insult one's political opponent?

Like criticizing Joshua Jantz's gardening prowess: hedges of thorns would be SUCH an eyesore. And how exactly does he plan to pay for all those brambles, anyway?

Posted by: Sarah at 7:58 PM on 31 July 2006

I'm with you Chaz ... it's why I left the Republican party in the early 90's (after 16 years) and joined the Democratic party.

We have our nuts but they at least let me sit at the table without my checkbook and official religion button. :)

Posted by: Ron at 1:22 PM on 1 August 2006

The main problem with policitians that have nothing to say is that they continue to say it. Generally, ad nauseum.

It IS, however, easy to tell when a politician is lying.

Posted by: unimpressed at 4:36 PM on 2 August 2006