The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

31 July 2006

The kind he likes to meet

File this under "Cultural Advantages of New York City":

Today, Iím marveling at how many pretty women Iím encountering on the streets of New York.

From the demurely attractive thin girl with sandy-brown hair on the train this morning, to the exotic-looking model type with close-cropped black hair and long dangling earrings strutting down 7th Avenue this evening, Iíve seen one knockout after another. And donít think Iím not appreciative.

I certainly wouldn't think that. But what are they thinking?

Posted at 7:57 PM to Table for One

They were probably thinking, "Another creep staring at me." You try not to make it so obvious, but...

Posted by: CT at 10:01 PM on 31 July 2006

What are we supposed to do about that anyway? A woman dresses to attract attention, gets it, and is royally pissed off.

Of course, she wants attention from SOMEONE ELSE, but that's not our fault.

Posted by: John Salmon at 1:01 AM on 4 August 2006