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2 August 2006

The Ministry of Roommates will contact you

Because, after all, you have no right to live alone:

People living on their own consume more energy and create more waste than individuals sharing a home which could cause an environmental crisis in the near future, according to a report published in the journal "Environment, development and sustainability".

The report said the fastest growing segment of the single household is among those aged 25-44 and in particular, single never-married men aged 35 to 44.

It said one-person householders are the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods. They consume 38% more products, 42% more packaging, 55% more electricity and 61% more gas per person than an individual in a four-person household.

Besides, you really didn't want to live by yourself anyway:

"As part of the planned housing programme for England and Wales, there is a real opportunity to house this group in ecological new builds, that are prestigious, well-designed, state-of-the-art and environmentally sound," said Dr [Jo] Williams, who works at UCL's Barlett School of Planning.

Dr Williams added that a significant proportion of those living on their own were often single people who might enjoy living in a community which would give greater opportunity for greater sociability.

"Regretful loners who are forced into living alone by circumstances create demand for more collaborative lifestyles, such as more widespread co-housing schemes, where you have private space such as a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but share some living and storage areas," she said.

The Planners will not be content until we're all crowded into proletarian concrete bunkers and they have to stack us against the walls like rolls of unused linoleum.

(Via McGehee.)

Posted at 7:26 AM to Dyssynergy

Very interesting in light of the recent heated court battle we here in NC just endured. A woman was fired for shacking up with her boyfriend. Apparently there was a 215 some years old law against such immoral behavior.

She won, for the record. But not without a chorus of moans from those who feel the law should not only be upheld, but enforced.

Crazy world, man.

Posted by: Jennifer at 9:34 AM on 2 August 2006

Wow! I can't wait until I'm assigned to my new dormitory space! Do I get to use my own underwear, or do I have to share that too?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:59 PM on 2 August 2006

Occupancy tax, over me cold lifless body, don't we pay enough already? I can just see that one. A single person in a three bedroom house pays 5% of value but a group of 3 would only pay 2% and 4 would pay nothing and over 4 would recieve 5% for proper space utilization.
Not even going to touch Andrea's underwear sharing. Who am I kidding. Would that mean that guys would have to start wearing bras?

Posted by: anomdragon at 5:27 AM on 3 August 2006

Would that mean that guys would have to start wearing bras?

That's not an enviro thing -- it would more likely be imposed by the Lezbullah.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:43 AM on 3 August 2006