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4 August 2006

Tripping the joy buzzer

"How do you know," someone once asked, "if you're really leading the life you wanted to lead?"

Hard to say, but I think one irreducible component is being able to get away with crap like this:

I'm sitting at my desk when, out of the blue, it hits me: I need a burger. Not just any burger, mind you, an In-N-Out burger. The West Coast chain is the purveyor of cheap, fresh, immensely amazing burgers. No problem, right? Get up, go out the door, go to lunch.

Sure. Except for the fact that [our] editorial office is in Michigan, and the West Coast is, well, way out west. I check the Internet: the closest In-N-Out is in Prescott, Arizona.

Yep, tasty burger. I stare at In-N-Out's Web site. My eyes lose focus for a second.

I call my friend Jeff Diehl. Jeff lives in Chicago; Chicago is on the way. That's good, because I can't drive 1965 miles nonstop by myself. I ask Jeff to come with me, simultaneously glancing over at the car sign-out board. The keys to a 505-hp Chevrolet Corvette Z06 dangle from one of its hooks. I mention this to Jeff; he gets silent for a moment. Then he asks when we're leaving.

I grab the keys from the board and tell the rest of the staff I'm going out for lunch.

That's Sam Smith of Automobile Magazine, and the whole sordid story — thirty-three hours worth — is in the September issue.

Oh, and then they had to drive back home.

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Wonder if they got it "togo".

Posted by: Joe at 9:05 AM on 4 August 2006

According to the article, they ate it there.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:13 AM on 4 August 2006

I glanced over the article this AM whilst getting the Honda's oil changed. I knew I/O had a loyal fanbase, but really!

Course, a Theta Burger is another thing.....

Posted by: John Owen Butler at 2:11 PM on 4 August 2006

they weren't the guys that ordered a 100x100 were they?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 2:33 PM on 4 August 2006

And a moment of silence for Esther Snyder, who founded In-N-Out with her husband Harry in 1948; she died this week at 86, probably not from too many burgers.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:34 PM on 8 August 2006