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6 August 2006

The women of 2008

Riverwind513 doesn't expect a Clinton-Rice battle for the Presidency, but she does give some thought to the second half of the ticket:

I imagine too that the choice of VP would be critical in this race. It wouldn’t be enough just to find a moderate and quiet person no one really has a problem with. In other words, Lieberman isn’t going to cut it this time. Both sides would need a charismatic and popular party figure to offset the unusual candidate. Hillary would want someone like Barack Obama, who is incredibly popular, could make sure the minority vote had a tougher decision to make before jumping the fence, and could help deliver the younger votes too. Meanwhile, Condi would want to go with someone like Orrin Hatch, who is about as dyed in the wool Southern Republican as you can get, and proud of it. Well, maybe not Orrin Hatch, but certainly someone very much like him. Someone who has been around forever, and who is so Republican you just couldn’t stand it.

I demur: apparently a lot of people, way off the left edge, have a problem with Lieberman. And is Orrin Hatch really all that charismatic?

Whom do you see as a plausible running mate for Senator Clinton or for Secretary Rice?

Posted at 11:50 AM to Political Science Fiction

Orrin Hatch????

The far-left of the Democratic Party (quickly taking over the party at all levels in many parts of the country) have a problem with Lieberman because he is a man who thinks for himself. Liberal on most social issues, a champion of labor, but a hawk on defense issues. That's not allowed.

As for the Republicans - more litmus tests. They are just of a different nature than those the left applies to their candidates.

2008? Who knows? I see so many different scenarios that make speculation about running mates this early meaningless. A Clinton nomination is not assured, and I believe Secretary Rice that she isn't running. Her intimate involvement in the less-than-successful Iraq campaign makes her an unattractive candidate to many Republicans anyway. It will be a wide open race where anything can - and probably will - happen.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 1:22 PM on 6 August 2006

One other thought. If someone of substance is able to step forward and self-finance a Perot-like independent campaign - all bets are off. If any year is ripe for a surprise from outside the established parties, 2008 could be it.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 1:27 PM on 6 August 2006

Orrin Hatch "southern?" He was born in Pennsylvania and is elected from Utah. Methinks someone is using a non-standard definition of "southern."

Posted by: McGehee at 3:26 PM on 6 August 2006

She's from Meffud Medford, Mass.; even Joe Lieberman is a southerner to her.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:30 PM on 6 August 2006

Just to add to the chorus: Orrin Hatch??? The guy that writes love songs for Ted Kennedy? The Senator from Disney?

Posted by: Michael Bates at 11:12 PM on 6 August 2006